Tŵt is a Twitter-like Web and mobile platform with the intent of creating an open source, bilingual social network for Wales and the Welsh, at home and abroad.


With Facebook and Twitter suffering from abusive users and data collection horror stories, and with a contemporary Wales very much on the rise, I thought it might be time to try building something for Wales with a strong emphasis on having both languages used side by side.

Having been involved in Web communities since the 1990s, I miss the old days of group-moderated content, a welcoming Web, a real sense of community. People who know me know I am not personally a fan of modern social media platforms, so I thought maybe I should build something I could feel good about using.

I think now is a great time for Wales to put its best Web foot forward and show the world how a country and a people renowned for hospitality can demonstrate the same online. And with the vision of a million Welsh speakers, I’m hoping a truly bilingual platform can help further the goal of increasing the use of Welsh across the country and the Internet.

If you’d like to join us the address is https://toot.wales – please create an account, play around, try to break it, and let me know your thoughts! The site works as a native app on any smart phone (Welsh and English versions), but companion apps are also available including Welsh versions, see this list for more information.

Diolch yn fawr iawn,


Some technical details: the open source network project “Mastodon” has now been entirely translated into Welsh. To operate in a Welsh environment, you can set your language of choice in the preferences settings (if your OS environment is Welsh the site should appear in Welsh automagically).

Tŵt is envisioned as a community-owned, non-commercial entity, funding is currently founder-based and the project is funded for at least two years. Eventually we imagine moving to a crowd-funded/Patreon model or similar.

Please feel free to direct message me on Tŵt.