Tŵt is part of the Mastodon network, a federation of small communities. As such, it can be tricky to find people to follow and interact with. Here are a few tips:

  • In the Local / Lleol feed is everything happening on Tŵt – you can find people posting there about Wales, learning Welsh or sharing photos and music.
  • In the Federation / Ffederasiwn feed is a selection of posts from other Mastodon communities, but just a small sample. This feed is triggered by people from Tŵt who know people in other communities, so it’s a small but somewhat curated feed.
  • The Tŵt directory lists members who have more than ten followers and have opted in to the directory. (Opt in here)
  • The #dilyn tag is used to list new members who have joined Tŵt recently, follow the newbies and say #shwmae or #croeso while you’re at it!

In addition, there is a volunteer-run global Mastodon directory called “Trunk”, with a list of topics full of people who Toot on those topics. Browse the directory and follow the people whose interests match yours. Here are some examples:

If you’d like to add yourself to one or more of the lists, check out https://communitywiki.org/trunk/request?Wales=on and follow the instructions!