Hashnod Ymarfer / Practise Hashtag

Thanks to some great feedback from our friends at SaySomethingInWelsh we are adding the hashtag #ymarfer - if you see the tag please consider replying as this will likely be a Welsh learner somewhere in the world looking to practise their written Welsh online! Find #ymarfer toots here

Hashnodau Gwanwyn / Spring Hashtags

Spring is a busy time for the Cymry, here's some hashtags to keep you going: Dydd Miwsig Cymru #WelshLanguageMusicDay #DyddMiwsigCymru Rugby #6nations #rugby #rygbi Individual matches are tagged like this #WALvENG  #CYMvLLO  although our European cousins tend to do it #WALENG #CYMLLO St. David's Day #DyddGŵylDewi #StDavidsDay #DyddGwylDewi

Croeso i Tŵt

What is Tŵt? Tŵt is the community-led microblogging network for Wales and the Welsh, at home and abroad. Follow friends and discover new ones. Publish anything you want: posts, links, pictures, videos. All on a network that is community-owned and community-run. Welsh focus: community moderated. No global corporation can reflect our values, our language, our … Continue reading Croeso i Tŵt